Recruitment and training to guarantee quality

Etreac consultants follow training courses organised both internally by Etreac and by the brands to which Etreac offers its services. Etreac has a fully equipped recruitment and training centre in a prestigious mansion in the heart of Brussels, at Montgomery Square. The recruitment and training provided there always maintain a high standard of quality and competence for the agency’s consultants.

Internal training and e-learning

To meet the needs of our customers, Etreac first identifies their needs and desired profiles together with them, before suggesting the candidates that best meet their expectations. The shortlisted candidates are then invited to an interview during a Job Day. After the consultants have made a good impression during an introduction, they are invited to get the basic training that is indispensable in the field later. This invitation also gives them access to the various e-learning modules that they are expected to follow, remotely, before attending traditional classroom training courses. As soon as they have passed these courses, the candidates are officially hired as Etreac consultants.

Lifelong learning

Etreac continuously invests in the skills of its consultants. As the field of luxury goods and cosmetics is in constant evolution, our consultants are committed to following any developments in luxury perfumery to know all there is to know about the products they sell. To this end, Etreac offers various training courses and gives consultants the opportunity to acquire further training directly from customers. To remain the best in their field, Etreac consultants learn from instructors with leading brands: this guarantees their competence. Moreover, it is a real opportunity for our consultants to be able to learn from direct contact with the most prestigious brands.

The Annick Cayot & Etreac Academy is here

Selling perfume has really evolved in recent years. Being a technical expert in the field of perfume, skincare and make-up is essential but not enough. Learning the luxury industry codes as well as advanced techniques in the art of selling have become essential assets in this profession.

In order to prepare you in the best possible way for this evolution, Etreac Agency has teamed up with the Annick Cayot Academy to offer you 2 types of perfumery courses:


  • The long-term Luxury-Beauty-Perfumery Ambassador course
  • The short 10-day Luxury-Beauty-Perfumery Advisor course